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Q How do I contact support and when can I contact you?

A We accept inquiries 24 hours, 365 days .Business hours is from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays, according to the order in which you contact us. We will contact you within 24 hours.

Q I can't speak English, how can I use AtlasForex's service?

A We provide mutiple languags suppport, English, Japanese, and Chinese

Opening account

Q Please let me know how to open an account.

A By fill in with necessary information on the account application form and it will be proceeded accordingly.

Please find the details on this page.

Q When I can start trading after my account is open?

A You can start to trade in the same day your account is open at soonest.

Please find the details on this page.

Q What documents do I need for opening account?

A Please provide a copy from one of following documents: Driver license, Passport. The address on your ID card and the address on your registration information must be the same. Identification documents must issued within 3 months.

Please find the details on this page.

Q When is the deadline for submitting documents for opening an account?

A Documents required for opening an account must be submitted before applying for a deposit for the first time.

Please find the details on this page.

Q Is thee any identification required for opening account?

A No documents required for applying an account. Any individuals 18 years old can open an account with ID.However, you are responsible for all your tradingare at your own risk.


Q Can i trade by mobile? I cant find AtlaxForex.

A Yes, you can trade by mobile. login into your account by your account ID/Password and the our server name then you can start to trade.

Please find the details on this page.

Q What is margin?

A Margin is the funds required when you start trading. FX allows you to trade more than the funds you deposit.

Q Currency pairs are not displayed in MT4.

A If you can't find certain currency pair in the quote window, try to right-clicking and choose [displaying all currency pairs.]

Q Is there automatic loss cut system?

A Yes. You will be forced to loss cut when the margin maintenance rate falls below 20%.

Please find the details on this page.

Q If I have negative balance, will additional margin be charged?

A No additional margin will be charged. If the margin balance becomes negative, your account will be reset to 0 yen when the additional deposit is received, and the deposit amount will be reflected.

Q Do you seperate the funds?

A We will keep the same amount of money as the operating funds for customers.

Q Is scalping permitted?

A No restrictions on scalping. However, frequent scalping might cause server failure and we will charge you penalty in accordance with our Terms of Service and guidelines. Please refrain from extreme scalping trading.

Q Is 500 leverage fixed?

A No, leverage varies by different type of account

Please find the details on this page.


Q This is the first time I am using AtlasForex, is it difficult to send deposit.

A We provide various payment methods, you can easily deposit and your funds will be reflected to your account at soonest.

Please find the details on this page.

Q How long it takes to have my funds reflect to my account?

A It depends on the payment method you chose.

Please find the details on this page.



A SWIFT CODE is a standard format for financial institution identification codes approved by the International Standards Organization. It is mainly used for remittances between banks, especially international remittances.

Q The registered bank does not have a SWIFT CODE. Can I apply for withdrawal.

A You can't apply withdrawal without Swift Code if you choose to transfer your money to bank accounts, please contact your bank for swift code.

Q Is it possible to withdraw or transfer funds while holding a position?

A No, you can't apply for a withdrawal or transfer of funds when you are holding a position.

Q How long it takes to receive my funds after applying for withdrawal?

A Your funds will be transferred to your account in 3~5 business day once your withdrawal application is being confirmed.

Please find the details on this page.

Q Can I withdraw bonus?

A No, please aware that you can not withdraw bonus

Partner (IB)

Q What is IB?

A IB= Introducing Broker. It can be called an affiliate who introduces AtlasForex.

Q How IB works?

A You will be rewarded once your account is open and start to trading after introduced to AtlasForex, Rewards are determined by frequency of trading. We offer lifetime commission if trade frequently.

Please find the details on this page.

Q When and how can I receive IB rewards?

A Your monthly rewards will be paid on every 15th, please note that the reward only will be redeemed if it is over $500, or it will be carried forward to next month automatically.

Q If my account is opened via my own IB link and registered for IB, will I be eligible for 2 Tier IB rewards?

A We have two-tier program by which IB partners are able to increase profit easily.

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Disclaimer Trading Forex and Derivatives carries a high level of risk to your capital and you should only trade with money you can afford to lose. Trading Derivatives may not be suitable for all investors, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved, and seek independent advice if necessary.